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Website design, development and deployment are core features of an integrated customer management solution. Web based communication and marketing techniques provide an important avenue for our clients to put their products on the market in a cost-effective way.

Support Group Services has back-end systems enabling us to conduct entirely internet-based promotions, independent of your own company website but with the same look and feel to ensure customer comfort. Using these back-end systems and the very latest web design and production techniques, we can create a customised campaign to promote the client's business both locally and internationally.

Our expertise is highlighted in two key areas:
  • We develop and manage campaign websites for international clients.

  • We design and develop campaign-specific websites targeted specifically for our marketing services programs. These campaign websites have a "use-by date" to push sales and enable us to provide customers with all the information they require to make a decision. They also have integrated real-time reporting so that you know exactly how your campaign is progressing.

Email Blasting
Email direct marketing is the most cost efficient method of generating a large number of leads in a relatively short time period. It is also one of the most efficient method of communicating to your existing customers.

Email pieces can be personalized and be very intelligent in capturing data like "open rates" and "click-thru" rates. We are able to supply all reporting and lead generation results from such email campaigns real-time, allowing the result to be easily tracked and any sales opportunities followed up while they are "hot".

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