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Support Group Services is an infrastructure provider of customer management systems and services to businesses. These services are based around the skills of our customer contact centre.

Our customer management system provides you with infrastructure and includes a range of marketing tools. The system links up with our customer contact centre, product management system and a variety of external demographic data sources to provide a wealth of information for use in your customer management campaigns.

Our state-of-the-art CRM system enables Support Group Services to provide significant functionality to you and your customers by managing your relationships with them. This "backbone" application tracks, captures, and consolidates all the customer data within our entire organisation.

Using this system we can:
  • Mobilise your entire enterprise around your customers in order to pursue long-term growth and profit.

  • Connect with your customers through the Internet and capture vital information about their requirements, preferences, issues, etc.

  • Provide your employees, customers, and partners with real-time transaction information via access to one consistent knowledge base.
Support Group Services uses technology to emphasise the relationship in customer management by aligning your business and marketing strategies not around your products, but around your customers, providing a consistent view of your customer relationships.

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